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Home > Activity > Galapagos Cormorant Cruise

Galapagos Cormorant Cruise

The Galapagos Islands are a place like no other, where animals and humans interact freely.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 900km from mainland Ecuador. They are one of the few places in the world where animals and humans can interact freely, meaning you have fantastic chances of meeting a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures. This cruise takes you on a wildlife-filled tour where you will be able to spot a variety of unique species including:

  • Blue-footed boobies
  • Turtles
  • Rays
  • Marine Iguanas
  • Sally Lightfoot Crabs
  • Tortoises
  • Blue herons
  • Penguins
  • Frigate birds

The Cormorant (operated by Haugan Cruises) is a luxury Galapagos Catamaran sleeping up to 16 and incorporates the very best design with modern accommodation. Cruise itineraries on the Cormorant range from a 4 day introduction to the Galapagos, to a 15 day mega cruise where you'll thoroughly explore the Galapagos from end-to-end. See below for an 8-day itinerary focusing on the Central and Western Islands.

Cormorant features:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Large sundeck
  • Private balcony for each state room
  • Kayaks available for use

Cormorant 2016 Rack Rates

 8 Days 5 Days 4 Days
Staterooms $6,550
Suites $7,120
Charter (16 passengers) $97,800

HighLives have a range of Galapagos cruise ships and choice of itineraries available, including island-hopping cruises and land-based itineraries, as well as suggestions for extending your Galapagos holiday with some time in mainland Ecuador. Please contact us for further information on any of the above.


  • Day 1: Baltra Island - Santa Cruz - Los Gemelos
    AM: Baltra Island: Arrival to the airport and transfer to Santa Cruz to visit the highlands before boarding. Dress appropriately for a hike. PM: Santa Cruz - Los Gemelos: Spanish for The Twins, they are two volcanic depressions on the highest part of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz - Highlands: The highlands are located in the northern part of the island and can reach elevations up to 1500 mt.
  • Day 2: Las Tintoreras - Sierra Negra Volcano - Tortoise Breeding Station
    AM: Isabela - Las Tintoreras: A short distance from Puerto Villamil is the small island known as Las Tintoreras. Isabela - Sierra Negra Volcano: On the way up you can see lush vegetation and the summit offers a spectacular view of the lowlands. PM: Isabela - Tortoise Breeding Station: Created to protect animals in their first years of life from the threats of foreign species. Isabela - Wetlands: They consist of lagoons, swamps, and mangroves and are home to a variety of unique bird species.
  • Day 3: Moreno Point - Elizabeth Bay
    AM: Isabela - Moreno Point: Beautiful rocky shores where penguins and shore birds, including blue herons, are usually spotted. PM: Isabela - Elizabeth Bay: As you enter the bay, hawks soar overhead and schools of fish can be seen swimming beneath the surface.
  • Day 4: Mangle Point - Urbina Bay
    AM: Fernandina - Mangle Point: A visit to Mangle Point allows visitors to witness the amazing views and wildlife on the Coast of Fernandina Island. PM: Isabela - Urbina Bay: Its waters are a good place to see turtles and rays. Ashore you'll find a short trail leading to a coral reef.
  • Day 5: Espinosa Point - Vicente Roca Point
    AM: Fernandina - Espinosa Point: A narrow stretch of land where hundreds of marine iguanas gather largely on black lava rocks. PM: Isabela - Vicente Roca Point: The remnants of an ancient volcano form two turquoise coves with a bay protected from ocean swells.
  • Day 6: Puerto Egas - Buccaneer Cove - Espumilla Beach
    AM: Santiago - Puerto Egas: Puerto Egas, with its black sand beaches, was the site of small salt mining industry in the 1960s. PM: Santiago - Buccaneer Cove: Buccaneer Cove is a testament to the fact that Santiago was once a refuge for British buccaneers. Santiago - Espumilla Beach: Espumilla Beach is a popular place for marine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot Crabs.
  • Day 7: Prince Phillip's Steps - Darwin Bay
    AM: Genovesa - Prince Phillip's Steps: An extraordinary, steep path leads through a seabird colony full of life, up to cliffs that are 25m high. PM: Genovesa - Darwin Bay: A coral beach where a 750 mt. trail takes you through more seabird colonies.
  • Day 8: North Seymour Island
    Explore the rocky coast, passing colonies of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds.
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